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In the latter part of 2021, Tyler Reeves laid the foundation for Resilient Suppressors, a venture born out of his extensive experience and passion for designing cutting-edge suppressors. With over five years dedicated to the craft, Tyler brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to the world of firearm accessories. What sets Resilient Suppressors apart is not only its commitment to excellence in design but also the unique perspective Tyler brings as a veteran of the United States Army. His military background adds a layer of practicality and real-world understanding to the development process, ensuring that Resilient Suppressors not only meet but exceed the expectations of firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike. As the journey unfolds, Resilient Suppressors is poised to become a symbol of durability, precision, and resilience in the realm of firearm suppressors, thanks to Tyler Reeves’ unwavering dedication and seasoned expertise.

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