RS-9 Best 9mm Suppressor for the money ?







1:10hey everyone welcome back to the channel

1:11we have a suppressor review for you

1:13today a little uh uncommon here on my

1:15channel but

1:16what this is is a resilient

1:19rs9 so the company name is resilient


1:22um met the guy in person uh at clash

1:25bash one year he was super cool had some

1:27cool stuff

1:28and has honestly been making some pretty

1:30legit suppressors i urge you to go

1:33follow this dude’s instagram he’s

1:35honestly as of filming this video shown

1:37some like super secret

1:39prototype like

1:41russian style suppressors like they’re

1:43really goofy like really large outer

1:45diameter cans and the dude’s doing some

1:47cool stuff

1:48this is kind of his flagship nine

1:50millimeter can for sub guns this is

1:53called the rs9 this is a

1:55fully serviceable can that you can break

1:58down you can take the end cap out as you

2:00can see here

2:03and all of your baffles

2:08will come out like so

2:11we’ll take one of them out there

2:14i’ve been shooting the balls off this

2:16thing it’s going to be filthy there’s

2:17one of your baffles there

2:19you can see

2:20you can fully pull this baffle stack out

2:22i’ll try to do this without dropping

2:24them all over the floor

2:26just to show you how easy it is

2:29and you have all of your i’m trying to

2:31keep them they all they they all lock

2:33together you can’t screw it up

2:35once they’re linked together they only

2:37go in one way they just slide right back

2:39in there’s no way to screw this up

2:42put your end cap back on

2:47and clearly you saw there

2:49there was no baffle strikes and i have

2:50been shooting this thing

2:52quite a bit

2:54on a very special gun that this can was

2:56kind of intended for

2:58so you’ll notice this can kind of has

3:00like that russian

3:01pbs1 aesthetic to it right kind of

3:04tapers at the front has a bulge in the

3:06rear he told me that when he designed

3:09this especially aesthetically he was

3:11kind of thinking this would look super

3:12sick on like kp9s like ak nine

3:14millimeters which is honestly why he

3:16sent this to us because we have

3:19a full auto

3:21kp9 a saiga 9 clone of vitiaz


3:27you’ll see here

3:29this is basically like the muzzle device

3:31this is going to come in the can but

3:33i’ve got it threaded on and i really

3:34didn’t feel like pulling it off there so

3:35i’m going to try to get you close so you

3:37can see the little notches there

3:40those are for your spring-loaded detent

3:43you can see there

3:45that the spring-loaded detent has locked

3:47in a notch it’s half by 28

3:49you just thread this sucker on there

3:51locks in place and you’re done

3:53and then

3:55all you do

3:57is thread your suppressor on now you

3:58could thread all this off as one unit

4:01you don’t have to leave that muzzle

4:02device on there i just do

4:04the spring-loaded detent kind of makes

4:06sure that it stays in place and it

4:08cannot loosen because it cannot

4:11get past that detent so it’s easier if

4:13you need to take the can off real quick

4:14to clean it leave that muzzle device on

4:16and just take the can off if you want to

4:18take the whole thing off hold your

4:19detent down and take the whole thing off

4:22but you can put this on any

4:25sub gun nine millimeter carbine whatever

4:27it’s all half by 28 it’s a direct thread


4:30so mounted on the gun

4:33it looks pretty sharp

4:35it does look pretty cool on an ak style

4:38nine millimeter like he was saying


4:41let me just talk about real quick

4:43obviously the aesthetics are super sick

4:45what blows me away is the weight

4:48this thing has to be one of the lightest

4:50suppressors i’ve ever been around i’ve

4:52ever handled


4:54i mean i’ve been holding this thing up

4:56at the range shooting it one-handed

4:58doing a bunch of dumb stuff with it

5:00handing it to other people just to see

5:02what they think about all that weight on

5:04the end and everyone the general

5:05consensus has been holy crap how is it

5:07that quiet in that light

5:19that’s sweet this cyclo creek’s fast too

5:22i feel like i could shoot this


5:25you want to try sure



5:38that’s nice

5:39dude it’s a featherweight can

5:41go for it here we go

5:47yes sir

5:50how was the gas though uh it’s it’s good

5:53it’s not honestly i’ll put it this way

5:55it’s not as gassy as a

5:57nine millimeter sig that i’ve shot and

6:00it doesn’t yeah it doesn’t have a lot of

6:01weight on the front that’s not even

6:03heavy that’s nice it kind of looks like

6:05a miniature wolverine right

6:07it does except it’s lighter

6:09it’s not it’s not uh

6:11that is surprising it is even lighter

6:14than it is quiet uh mr guns and gear

6:16actually has a really good video on one

6:18of these i think it’s like the only

6:19other one on youtube

6:20singing praise is about how quiet it is

6:22and if you want to hear like decibel

6:24ratings go watch the guns in gear

6:25episode he’s got like an expensive

6:27decibel reader he’ll tell you

6:29but from my ear dino it’s very quiet

6:35that’s really quiet


6:43wow that’s

6:45surprisingly quiet so we have had about

6:48five to six hundred rounds through this

6:49thing specifically on this gun this is a

6:52machine gun so a lot of the rounds have

6:54been in full auto

6:55very few have been in semi we have done

6:57straight up mag dump after mag dump

6:59after mag dump this thing has been

7:01through quite a few heat cycles and the

7:03finish on it has held up very nice it

7:05still looks brand new compared to the

7:06day that we took it out

7:08uh cans don’t look this nice for long


7:11this one still looks nice

7:13as far as like point of impact shift i

7:15don’t notice a big difference in where

7:17it’s hitting compared to unsuppressed


7:20uh i’m blown away man at the price that

7:23these things come in at around a

7:25thousand dollars it’s pretty awesome

7:28for what it is man uh i don’t think

7:31you’re gonna find a can that this that

7:32is that comes in around this weight

7:34that’s this quiet


7:36i think my man’s really on to something

7:38here it’s just

7:39it’s it’s awesome i have several other

7:42nine millimeter cans from other

7:43companies that are much heavier but

7:46where this thing just blows everything

7:47out of the water is the weight it is so

7:49stinking lightweight without sacrificing

7:54taking that noise down

7:56it’s pretty awesome so what i want you

7:59to do is go check out resilient

8:00suppressors on instagram um take a look

8:02at any other youtube videos you can find

8:04on these things because there’s not a

8:05whole lot and maybe find this guy on

8:07facebook this is a really cool new

8:10company that’s making some really neat

8:12looking suppressors and if you do follow

8:15their instagram they show a lot of

8:16behind the scenes stuff that they’re

8:17working on like prototype models and

8:19they have some really cool looking cans

8:21coming out

8:22they have other models for other guns

8:24and other calibers but this seems to be

8:26their flagship right now and it’s a home

8:28run dude looks good very light very

8:31quiet and it’s pretty cheap

8:33affordable it’s an affordable price it’s

8:35certainly not cheaply made or anything

8:37it’s pretty dope

8:38all right guys well

8:40that’s the resilient rs9

8:43why don’t we end this video with a mag

8:44dump and we’ll see you all next time


8:52cannot get over how light that can is



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