Titanium Tri-Lug (1.375×24)

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We have developed the most durable and lightweight HUB compatible tri-lug on the market. While being 35% lighter than our competitor, our 100% titanium tri-lug mount can withstand high rates of fire, and long periods of use.


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Tri lug Specs


Rating: 9MM Use Only

Weight:  3.1 Ounces

Added Length: .140″

Internal Mounting Depth: 1.700″

Diameter: 1.497″

Compatibility – 1.375×24, Bravo or HUB 

  • Resilient RS9
  • OCL Lithium
  • Si Co Hybrid 46
  • Rugged Alaskan 360
  • LPM Anthem 38
  • EA Sonus
  • YHM R9

* These will not work on the Rex MG series as the blast chamber is to small.

*These will only work with tri lug barrels that have a lug width of .332” or smaller. An updated version will be coming out soon to incorporate the larger lug sizes found on some barrels.

Lifetime Warranty

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