PUTNIK RECALL - Serial: PK0001 to PK0225

This recall only applies to putniks in the serial number range of PK0001 - PK0225.

 We understand customers may not have experienced any issues with products in this serial number range, but we are asking that all serial numbers in this range be sent in for repair.

 We are here to provide the utmost standards of quality in our products and this recall will insure just that.A potential welding defect can pose a serious safety threat to users.

We will be covering all costs and have your suppressor repaired and returned to you as soon as possible.
To start the process please email recalls@resilientsuppressors.com

Repairs can be made while you have a pending form 4.

ATF RS9 RECALL - Serial: A0001 to A0250

This recall only applies to RS9s in the serial number range of A0001 - A0250.

In June of 2023 the ATF approved our manfucaturing notice of these serials for the RS9. 

Then in January of 2024 the ATF notfied us that these serial numbers are being invalidated and that they must be destroyed.

Any suppressor in this range must be returned to Resilient Suppressors LLC or turned into your local ATF field office for destruction. 

At the end of Janurary we began reaching out to dealers to notfify customers of this issue. If your dealer has not reached out to you directly on this and you have one of the afftected serial numbers please reach out to your dealer. 

Instructions for those effected

- Any form 4 submission containing one of these suppressors must be withdrawn, otherwise it will disapproved by the NFA division. The ATF will refund your tax stamp. We will provide your dealer with a replacment suppressor for you to resubmit.

- If you have recieved a disapproval for one of these suppressors or have had to withdrawl your form 4 submission, we will provide your dealer with a replacment suppressor for you to resubmit. The ATF will refund your tax stamp. 

- If you are a dealer with these suppressors in your inventory, please reach out to us so we can get these returned and we can provide replacements. 

Due to this issue, we are offering customers 50% of their entire next purchase with us. There is no limit to the number of suppressors you can buy, but they must be completed in one purchase. We aplogize for the inconvenience this has caused, if you have any further questions please contact info@resilientsuppressors.com 


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