Jolene is our first step into the vast world of rifle suppressors. It is designed for top tier shooters and avid hunters. Weighing 9.7 Ounces we have noticed little to no POI shift. This is the perfect choice for when shots matter the most.

Jolene features a unique hybrid baffle design that results in great sound suppression for the shooter and also bystanders, but we didn’t just stop at the baffle design. The included 5/8×24 mount is designed specially to push Jolene’s performance to the next level.

Jolene is machined completely from 6AL-4V Titanium and is completely laser welded. The interior is S-Line coated for reducing carbon build up and to maximize the lifespan of the suppressor. The exterior is Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coated to minimize scratching and to provide great corrosion resistance.


*Jolene is a lightweight titanium suppressor designed for light rates of fire and is not full auto rated. Small strings of fire are fine with the intent to keep the suppressor under 750 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Barrel Restrictions

22” – 300 PRC, 300 Win mag, 6.5 PRC, 270 Win, 7mm mag
14.5” – .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .243 Win
11.5” – 5.56/223, 6.5 Grendel, 6 ARC
7” – 300 Blackout Supersonic
5” – 300 Blackout Subsonic

*Contact Resilient Suppressors if your caliber is not specified.

Length (with mount) – 9.125”

Weight (with mount) – 10.7 Ounces

Diameter – 1.610”

Coating – Diamond like Carbon (Outer), S-Line (Inner)

5/8×24 diffuser direct thread (DLC Coated)

1.375×24 HUB Threads

Rated up to 300 Win mag

*Not full auto rated*


Custom cut Foam
Jolene 30 Cal Suppressor
5/8×24 Diffuser style mount
RS Sticker